My name’s Cameron and I moved to New York three years ago. In that timespan I’ve learned a lot about what it means to live and enjoy yourself and most importantly to have fun. I know reading my content it can sound crazy sometimes, but believe it or not I actually know what I’m talking about. I've had an internship with the most prominent fashion forecasting company out there WGSN, I've produced my own magazine for school, I go to FIT in New York, and I've always been a very visual and creative person. It's in my DNA. I love beautiful things and my blog is no different. Fashion and style is where my interests lie, but pop culture and being true to who you are is something I’m passionate about too. I know when I go on a blog or read an article that I’m interested in I get bored in about the first two paragraphs. These writers all are trying to produce the best article out there and trying to sound the most educated – well let me tell you something... nobody’s reading it. We are the millennial generation. Don’t these writers know we’re all too busy taking selfies or trying to go after our dreams? Writing, blogging, and fashion can be fun and that’s we do here. People ask me, what is this blog? Well you know that really fun rooftop party you didn’t get invited to last weekend – the one with all those cool and trendy people? Yeah over here, we are the party. This page is so fun all the other blogs are on a waitlist and can’t even get in. So press that bookmark button and buckle up, because we only get one opportunity to live so I say pop a bottle of Dom and let’s make it a f u c k i n g party!