If you know what cold-pressed means, then disregard this next part that follows. To all my peeps out there that don’t know what cold-pressed is, let me tell you it’s time for you to get on board with this term real fast. Cold-pressed is a type of juice unlike regular juice. There is a special process in which high pressure pascalization is used instead of heat to destroy pathogenic microorganisms which in turn naturally extends the shelf life. Most juices are pasteurized and unlike that process, pascalization helps retain the nutrition properties of raw juice*. I know it’s factual, but sometimes we need to be educated to check those people who think they’ve pulled one over on us. I don’t think so.

So now back to the question – are you a cold-pressed bitch? You should be. Let’s turn the cold-pressed process into a metaphor for your life. Nobody has time for all that fakeness – haven’t you heard being unhealthy makes you fat and unattractive? Last time I checked, nobody wants that. Call those people out on their unhealthy words and fake lifestyle choices. You are a real, raw, and organic bitch. We have to get to a point where you become proud of yourself in the fact you’ve processed all that heat out of your life i.e. bad friends, lifestyle habits, bad influences. Everything. Cold-press that stuff straight to the garbage shoot. You don’t need it. Your best self is when you’re being real and honest to who you are. People call me crazy, but don’t misinterpret crazy for having expectations. There’s nothing wrong with expectations. Expectations for your significant other, expectations for your life, expectations for your future. That’s okay. It means you have it together and everyone else can see it and feed off it. I’m the coldest-most-pressed bitch out there and that’s exactly how I like it. I like the real truth; all that honest stuff. If you want me to be real with you, I expect the same thing in return. Isn’t that what you come to this blog for? To get the realest opinion on the Internet. All this fake hypocrisy and bullshit people throw out there is absolute ridiculousness. Be authentic, be true to yourself, make yourself heard and when I say being a bitch I mean having the confidence to kill (not a literal bitch). It’s a metaphor for owning who you are as a person. So filter all the unhealthy things out of your life and then you can be a cold-pressed bitch too. #ColdPressedSelfie 


 *Btw if you want more information on Cold-Pressed Juice you can visit http://www.blueprint.com/about/ (my personal fav).