Water Has Never Looked so Good

This marks the 9th collaboration for French water brand Evian and this time they head downtown for Alexander Wang's cool aesthetic. The two glass bottles will feature two designs: a black and white option each enveloped in a very luxe barcode. The barcode is a staple AWANG trademark and we can't get enough of it. I mean what better water to compliment my early-morning cycling outfit at Equinox than a bottle of E x AW?

 Photo:  Courtesy of evian ®  x Alexander Wang

Photo: Courtesy of evian® x Alexander Wang

When talking about the collaboration Wang states, “We don’t just live with clothes and shoes. We sit on furniture. We go to restaurants. We drink. We eat. To be able to take our brand and expand into lifestyle and work with partners that have perfected what they do is something I learn so much from and really stimulates me.” If you know about Alexander Wang he has done amazing home and lifestyle items in the past like dominoes, coasters, teddy bears, and my personal fav. the blow-up pool shark. Who can forget that genius thing? We look forward to see what Wang does next and what's to come next with the Wang brand now that it's official he will be parting with BALENCIAGA after their Spring / Summer 2016 collection in the coming weeks. We love selfies and we love filters, so we're hoping Mr. Wang collaborates with Insta and makes the coolest filter out there - second to ours of course.