...but it took me 4 hours to get the perfect lighting.

There's this Instagram account that's sweeping the nation blowing up our news feeds. I first saw it over at Vogue. I was immediately intrigued, so naturally I decided to see what this Barbie bitch is all about.

  Photo: Courtesy of Socality Barbie (@SocalityBarbie)

Photo: Courtesy of Socality Barbie (@SocalityBarbie)

I go to Instagram and type in 'SocalityBarbie' and the first post is her trekking it through the woods giving me Anthropologie realness playing hide-and-go-seek with the plants. It probably was really dangerous for her, who knows if Barbe is allergic to the outdoors or not? For the sake of a few thousand likes we will get our ass to Yosemite and mist it up like some Twilight movie. Naturally, I instantly fall in love. This account is EVERYTHING I'm about - making fun of all these "Hipster" girls that try way too hard to be hipster they end up looking like just another basic white girl making duck faces shitting out Pumpkin Spice everything. I mean sometimes it'll be like the middle of July and I'm like where the fuck is this Pumpkin smell coming from? I look over and there she is... the #BWG (Basic White Girl). As I continue to scroll through her feed, Ms. Socality is just everywhere - she's a fucking Mattel masterpiece on the go #VSCO'ing it up.

So I've decided that someone (maybe we will do it over here at Cold-Pressed Filter) needs to get a @KandidKen account going. I feel like Hipster Barb's needs a Hipster boy to Netflix and Chill with. We can do a man-bun Ken at Harvard studying philosophy, we can do fratboy Ken on a beach, we can do gay Ken standing in front of a Beyonc√© poster trying to be fierce, etc. There's so many options really. 

With that being said, go follow @SocalityBarbie to keep up with the one and only plastic around. She's a riot. Regina George ain't got nothing on this bitch.