K Y L I E 


Terry Richardson, where have you been? Probably hiding and clearing his name from those rumors/non-rumors (who knows tbh) but he's back and photographing our girl Kylie Jenner for Galore Magazine. Look at her in all that Moschino! You go Miss KJ!! 

I wonder if she will wear one of these to the Givenchy show? Come on, we all know that there is a special section reserved for the whole family, the extended family, and all the pets they've accumulated. We aren't complaining. Their dog Norman is fresh to death. Yes girl. The youngest member of the Kardashian set is coming for their fashion crowns. 

But what is ‘perfect’? I don’t even think perfect knows what perfect is.

One of the things we love most about Kylie Jenner is she is aware of the world around her. She gets it and she knows the pressure out there to be "perfect." But what is perfect? I don't even think perfect knows what perfect is. These people criticizing every little thing about whether her lips are too big or not, bitch shut-up. If the girl wants to plump her lips to be more confident and fabulous, then girl you plump those lips so big they take up a whole block. She is a one-stop inspiration. Her recent Instagram Anti-Bullying campaign titled #IAmMoreThan featured 6 people from different shapes and sizes and she used her social media platform to raise awareness against bullying and the effects it causes. She is going to continue this campaign every Tuesday with a new person and a new story. YES!! Show the world every beautiful person inside and out and let the haters know what's up. Honestly, these inspirational people and their stories get more likes in one post than the hater's whole damn profile all-together. Okay? With her Instagram presence of over 35 million people, over 11 million followers on Twitter, and the most viewed person on Snapchat under 'kylizzlemynizzl' you go out there and change the world KJ. You have our support and our backing fully.

Oh and before you go, her new website launching soon KylieJenner.com is something you should most definitely bookmark. Who doesn't want to know the beauty insider tricks of the youngest selfie starlet? We do - so we can step our selfie game up. 

Photos: Courtesy of Terry Richardson for Galore Magazine