What you Should be Listening to Right Now


So my friends have constantly told me that I have a really good sense of music and I should share that with my blog. Therefore I'm going to be sharing the music that I love and listen to on a consistent basis (regularly updated). I hope you enjoy the songs and it will allow you to get more of a sense of my style and aesthetic. Music is one of those things that really drive me as a creative person and I get SO many ideas when I'm listening to a specific song. Another thing I'll be doing is giving you guys awesome playlists and trust me, they will be better than any playlist you'll find. The reason why is because I know for myself, I go and find these playlists on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music and there will be some pretty good songs on there and then all of a sudden, a track comes on from out of nowhere and I'm like WTH is this?! I'm working out at the gym and then all of a sudden a "mellow-inspired" song comes on and it ruins my workout energy. There will be no more of that, thank you. So enjoy!