The Reality Show Sisters Now Come For the Tech-World

Yesterday, September 14th the Kardashians all gathered at the Apple store in SoHo for a live panel discussing their each individual applications and their individual websites that just launched by the Whalerock Industries, LLC taking the Kardashian brand to new heights. 

These girls are business and marketing pioneers for the millennial generation. Kim Kardashian West first got into the Tech business with the launch of her hugely successful application "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood". According to Forbes, the revenue brought in by this is almost $85 million. So why wouldn't she launch another app showcasing all the things we love about Kim: her makeup (those contouring skills), her clothes (post Kanye), and all of her exclusive tips and tricks to imitate living the ultimate Kim K life. #MajeGoals. Since her first app was so successful it was only a matter of time before we saw more from Kim and this time we are getting stuff from the entire Kardashian family. BOOM. They've taken over the reality world, the celebrity world, the fashion world, and now these developers better watch out because they are coming for that throne too. I'm all for it, the girls are incredible and they know what works and what doesn't and they know how to get what they want in the best way possible. Inspiring each and every one of us to go after the things we want, they have tons of people that look up to each one as role models - girls and guys alike. 

I've downloaded them all myself and I'll dish on the juicy stuff. When you open each app up, you are greeted with a login screen that asks for your email and a password. On the completion of this you are notified that there will be a low-monthly recurring payment for each application and after that the welcome videos start and you're presented with a gorgeous user interface. You get a sense of each of the girls' personalities from the get go. Every one of them shows you inside looks at their famous street styles and they show you how to get them for less. You're also treated to beauty tips, insider secrets, exclusive photos (like behind-the-scenes on the Juergen Teller collaboration with KimYe), and soon to follow will be live streaming videos and ways to interact and connect with them in an experience unlike anything else out there. It's a one-on-one destination to get your entire Kardashian fix. Within less than 12 hours, Kylie's app has shot up to the number one spot on the iTunes App Store. Well duh, everyone and I'm talking even my little nephew's unborn child wants to get in on the Kylie makeup game. She serves it up flawlessly with a cute and candid makeup tutorial segment called, "Help! My Face is FUCKED!" partnering with Gigi Gorgeous (a YouTube makeup personality). D Y I N G! "Live your life, yeah just live it," says Jenner. Girl we are trying!!

Coming together to talk about what to expect from each application and dissecting their ideas and inspiration for their websites, they congregated dressed to the nines looking fierce AF. From looking at the pictures from the event and reading other articles you can tell that the Kardashian sisters were just so excited and happy to be able to connect with their fans in such a way that other celebrities haven't been able to do. You could tell by the way they were speaking and the enthusiasm with which they had interacting with the audience (Khloé kept waving and mouthing at fans, "I Love You") that they've each worked extremely hard and couldn't wait for everyone to get ahold of it. Just an fyi, Kourtney's app hasn't launched yet, but will be coming soon. So look forward to that.  

I think it's genius. Pure genius. What better way to continue the Kardashian's epic takeover of the social media universe? Talking about social media, let's talk about each of the Kardashians and their social media game. To be honest each and every one of them has branded themselves a specific identity with a huge following. Breaking down the Instagram numbers: Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) ranks in at number one with 46.1 million, Kendall (@kendalljenner) comes in second with 36.7 million, Kylie aka "King Kylie" (@kyliejenner) has 35.8 million, Khloé (@khloekardashian) has 31.8 million, and coming in last, but hardly least is Kourtney (@kourtneykardash) with 24.5 million. With that much of a fanbase, there's millions who want to emulate the Kardashian lifestyle. So naturally, they've reached into the mass world of tech-development to give their fans an inside and exclusive look into each of their lives with just a tap of a button. 

Click on the pictures below to download each of the applications:

Photos: Courtesy of the Kardashian's applications by the Whalerock Industries, LLC