First things first, my friends on Facebook hate me. Like legit hate me. That’s why I decided to start this blog. I post all this stuff that I think is good stuff over there. I like to educate people on fashion and pop culture and this and that. The people at Facebook don’t want to hear it. They want to post their 10th baby picture, their twerking videos, their nonsensical relationship drama. I’m fed up with that crap. I decided I wasn’t being heard in the right light so I’m turning to the vast black hole that is the Internet. Maybe this vast world will hear me and listen? I hope so, because I think I’m genuinely a funny person. Speak to anyone of my friends and they’ll tell you that everyday is an adventure. No literally. Example: Wake up Saturday morning I’m twerking on my best friend at 6am and then we go get a cute breakfast, drive around listening to ‘Bad Blood’ and my foot’s out the window he’s rubbing his breasts that haven’t grown in yet. It’s a fantastic time let me tell you. In all seriousness, there’s so much hate and so much negative energy in this world and I’m tired of it. I want this blog to be a place where you come when you’re having a bad day and need a laugh. This is going to be a place where all the “real” opinions that you, me, and everyone else all are thinking, but are too scared to say out loud. I keep it real one-hundred percent. No topic is off limits and I'll be keeping you up to date on style, celebrity gossip, trendy things that put avocado toast out of business and you'll get an inside look at all my secret and sexy lifestyle choices that I've created for myself. If you get offended easily, this blog isn’t for you. But if you want to party and come to a place that’s straight up fabulous, then welcome. My name's Cameron bitch, and don't you forget it.