Okay friends you know exactly what I'm talking about here. There have been so many times I've been out at the club or a restaurant and this hot piece of ass gives me the eye. Yeah you know the eye. I start to look back, get my flirt face on, perk what my Momma gave me out all over the table and get that charm ready to swoon. You make them lust after you in the best way possible. You think you've got it made and then they lose interest or turn out to be a complete bore. Nobody has time to play these board games, shit. We are trying to get it in. The time wasted on these goofy wishy-washy people is the time I could've been looking for someone else that could've given me the one night stand of my life. I want that romantic drama movie shit. I want our sex to win an Oscar and that's not going to happen when you're nodding your head yes, but you really wanna say no. Apparently, the Biebs deals with this too. He wrote a song about it for crying out loud. He gets us people, Justin gets us! These people taking our heart and tossing it back and forth like some type of tennis match. If I wanted to play tennis, I would've been at the US Open. I want your hot body and I want to see you take off those clothes and I thought you wanted that too? I guess not. And now I'm standing here looking like a fool. Why can't people just be direct? When I'm all for something I go for it - nothing is holding me back, okay? Can I get an Amen? To you fools doing this to us, we are about to ship all of you to a remote island where you can play the yes / no game all day everyday. 

In honor of this post, Justin Bieber released an acoustic version of "What Do You Mean?" recently and the video is below. Enjoy! At least we know he hates those board games too. #Belieber 

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