Wang Celebrates 10 Years With a Collection From the Streets

 Photo:  Courtesy o  f    Vogue

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue

Mixed feelings came from watching the Spring/Summer '16 show that Alexander Wang debuted last night. By no means was it his strongest offering, but the real question is did it need to be? Was this collection just about the clothes or was it a celebration of the entirety of work that has placed Wang at the top of what is considered to be the quintessential New York attitude? 

 Photo:  Courtesy of  Vogue

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue

As the show started, heavy bass began thumping to "F**k the Summer Up" by Leikeli47 and you knew it was going to be a typical Wang show. Lexi Boling strutted out wearing a white chain-linked bra top and low-slung wide-legged black and gray striped pants. Menswear was featured for the first time on the Wang runway with black boiler suits, sweatshirts with the "510" Northern California area code (where Wang grew up) placed on them, as well as oversized flannel plaid pieces paired with striped boxy shorts. Very simple and very sports-influenced Americana. Talking about the show backstage and where his inspiration came from Wang explained, "...we started thinking, what's innovative? What's new? And that the idea of being modern is to really look around you and see what's in front of you every day. It was this idea of the mundane that was most inspiring. It was the rejection of anything innovative and just to think about the clothes in the most simple, most straight forward way. It's about an attitude and the idea of post-millennialism."

After the show, we were given a video retrospect of his career. This show was a celebration of 10 years after all. The video walked us through bits and pieces showcasing and highlighting specific moments such as his very first runway show, his collaborations with H&M, his iconic Motocross, glow-in-the-dark, and Parental Advisory collections - shows that pushed fashion in a direction not seen before Wang came along. 

Since news broke this summer that Wang would not be renewing his contract with BALENCIAGA to focus on his own label, many questions remained unanswered such as what's next and where will he go from here? Well Wang understands his customer and knows what the downtown scene wants and who better to do Wang than Wang? Although a question to be asked is if and when the downtown cool trend goes away what will Wang do then or has he branded himself so well into the downtown fashion scene that there is no downtown without his clothes or his namesake brand? Only time will tell what Wang plans to do with his own label, and we patiently await great things that push fashion in a different and unique direction which is something only Wang knows how to do. After all what is New York Fashion Week without an Alexander Wang show?