"Me... I Love Victory"

 Photo: Courtesy of   DKNY

Photo: Courtesy of DKNY

Public School's Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne's premiere collection for DKNY may have been one of the hottest tickets at this season's New York Fashion Week. From what was sent down the runway, it's no wonder. These boys have managed to create a brand (Public School) that has a young urban-cool sensibility to it. Menswear designers at heart they've brought their aesthetic and mindset to their first DKNY collection and we already want more.

As the show started, flashes of white light pulsated throughout the long white marbled hallway in the Westfield World Trade Center West Gallery which presented an architecturally gorgeous backdrop. The song starts with a female's voice saying the phrase, "Men think of victory. Women think of love. Me... I love victory." Immediately you got a sense of the new DKNY woman and who she was. She's powerful, independent, strong, fearless, and ruthless. She doesn't hang with the men, she is the man. She's a force to be reckoned with and this theme translated directly to the clothes. Sharp contrasts in black and white were the main color options. Outfits were made from men's suiting fabric and were ripped and shredded into everything you could possibly want: double-breasted light gray pinstriped oversized coat jackets, pleated skirts, and double-breasted sheer lined body-con dresses. The models' hair were pulled back with an all natural face. This made the clothes much more significant. The finale pieces were all sheer with buttons and trimming peeking out along the seams underneath. It was a way of showing that women can be powerful and sensual all the while not losing the mysterious allure of what being a woman is all about. 

 Photo: Courtesy of   wowsoclassy

Photo: Courtesy of wowsoclassy

DKNY at its roots is about the heritage and the fuck you attitude that is New York. This collection brings it back to that mentality. It was simple, but ever so strong. The collection had feminism running through as its core theme. Feminism in it's truest form - how women dress themselves and present who they are to the outside world in the fact that they are equal to men. The woman speaking alongside the track had many phrases she repeated, "Ask me anything. Ask me... No, not about him." All of these phrases tied into the collection as a whole. It added to the confidence level this new DKNY girl has and trust me, you want to be her.