This September, Riccardo Tisci decides to bring his Spring/Summer 2016 show to New York - which if you don't keep up with fashion news is H U G E! In anticipation of this major event, he also readies to bring back GIVENCHY to a new flagship store on Madison Ave. GIVENCHY once was a staple in the Manhattan flagship scene, but closed its doors back in 2006. Now almost 10 years later, it's back in the concrete jungle. (Let's hope it stays this time - for fashion's sake.) I've seen some of the interior shots of this gorgeous store from my friends that got a preview this morning and let me say, it's absolutely gorgeous. The store is going to offer women's and men's ready-to-wear as well as it's luxury handbags and accessories collection. It's interesting to me that Riccardo decided to open on Madison, because GIVENCHY's image and customer base seems more Mercer than Madison. There's a reason for everything though and regardless, those Upper East Sider's better get ready for the influx of all the cool kids that are about to shake up their uptown chic streets. 

Photo: Courtesy of GIVENCHY