3-Course Menu: Vodka, Green Juice, and Instagram 

Okay people, so here we go. New York Fashion Week is back!! The Spring / Summer 2016 season is ready to slay your life. I see you street style wannabe's. Just a head's up if you go to Lincoln Center you're gonna look a damn fool, because no one will be there except maybe the leftovers of your dignity. Pick that shit up off the concrete and go back to your day job, please. Fashion Week is a job, not a circus, and people need to get to the show. Nobody signed up to traverse through the Amazon Rainforest of 15-second fame whores. People got shit to do. It's hard enough trying to get of our Uber's in Alessandro's GUCCI fur-lined loafers. Thanks. 

This season, I got my girl BALENCIWANGA collaborating with me. She'll be scouring the outside of all the hottest shows to get the pictures of those models she does oh so well. I hope she gets us a shot of the Biebs or maybe a little North West action in her head-to-toe custom ensemble at Riccardo's show!! Regardless, stay tuned for her pics. She does that candid model-off-duty shit better than anyone I know. 

Stay tuned though and bookmark this page, because tomorrow the 10th I'll be updating the Fashion page with the best shows, looks, outfits, and models that are taking Manhattan by storm. Being a cold-pressed bitch we have to be 'In The Know' at all times there's just no other way around it. 

FYI: This is the best time to OpenTable those hard to get in restaurants, because when Fashion Week comes to town they will be as empty as a washed up celeb's bank account. Vodka, green juice, and Instagram are the only things that will be turning a profit.